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Client: University of Michigan School of Pharmacy

ManageHF is a project that aims to improve patients and doctors' experiences managing heart failure. The ManageHF dashboard provides an overview of heart failure data to physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.  


•Interviews •Benchmarking •Competitve Analysis •Personas •Wireframing •Information Architecture •Interface Design




ManageHF was started by Pharmacist Mike Dorsch and Software Engineer Juan Arzac from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. Mike and Juan introduced the existing dashboard application to our Interaction Design class in the hopes of redesigning it. 


Each provider is accountable for a certain population, either their personal patients of their clinic's patients.

At the population level, one needs information about the patient at a high level in order to drill down into the detailed view.

Providers have 15 minutes to do a physical exam and review the patient's disease progression.

The goal of the dashboard is to give the provider a quick, one-stop review of the patient's disease progression

Existing Screens

The patient-level dashboard.


The population-level dashboard.

ManageHF Updates


Existing Screens Analysis

Key Insights

1. The Clinical Worsening score is inaccurately represented with this graphic.

2. Data like Heart Rate and Blood Pressure are repeated.

3. Medical Optimization is not connected to medication.

4. Information exists in EHR (which the dashboard sits in).

5. There is no option to alter data's time scale individually.

6. Options to dive deeper into data points is important.

1. There is no ability to sort information by any channel.

2. Clinical Worsening has an opposite scale than that of Medication Optimization.

3. The chart is difficult to read from a lack of contrast.

Competitive Analysis



- Relevant information grouped into columns.

- Uses a priority system to mark who needs to be seen.

- Does not have a unified, visual theme.



- Categorizes data into three groups, low, medium and high.

- Colors play a distinct role in representing the data.

- Does not provide smaller details behind data points.

Audience Analysis


Medical Practitioners

Primary Motivation: gain a quick, high-level overview of the patient's heart failure progression.



Primary Motivation: synthesize test data to determine the appropriate approach for treatment.


Our priorities for the two week time period were as followed: customization of the population level view based on the provider's job responsibiliites, reorganization of dashboard in order enable an efficient workflow (through optimal understanding), update color and branding.

Initial Sketches


We shared our very quick, initial sketches with Mike.

Key takeaways:

- Non-modifiable data doesn't need to always be visible on the dashboard.

- Eliminate repetitive information.

- Customization is extremely important.

Initial Presentation

Within the week, we mocked up a dashboard for an initial presentation.

We got valuable feedback that helped us move forward including: 

- Need more of an affordance to understand the pull out tabs.

- "Everything looks like a button!"

- Need to customize time scale individually and globally.

- Too much data was taken away. Although we want the dashboard to be simple, more is better

- Make the re-ordering option and customize options a feature inside the chart itself

- Re-think colors on both views. The color should not mask the data.



Patient-Level Dashboard

A reorganization of information into a hierarchy from left to right and updated colors and fonts gave ManageHF a new life. 

MODALS for more detailed visualization

Modals provide quick access to more detailed information and visualization on a slightly larger scale.

Customizability and Symbols Introduced

Timescale individually modifiable to view by week, month and 3 months. New symbols for further detail (ex. triangle indicates a change in medication that day). 

Side bar for non-modifiable data

Pop outs from the side column keep non-modifiable data hidden from valuable dashboard real estate when not needed.